Tablet Repair in College Park

You spent a lot to get your Android tablet, but now the device has started developing some problems. But do you know that most of these problems with your tablet are fixable? Hence, we have for you five most commonly observed android tablet problem, and some suggestions for fixing your beloved device and return it to its working state.

Tablet won't turn on

Occasionally, tablets will freeze, which makes it impossible for you to turn them on or off. Pressing the lock screen button won't function when this happens. This problem can be frustrating but has a simple fix. Press and hold the power button for some seconds to turn the device on or off. However, if this fix doesn't work, it may be due to a program locking the tablet. Try again after ten minutes.

Touchscreen won't respond

Touchscreen requires a human finger for proper interaction. The touchscreen controls your tablet, so when it doesn't respond to your fingers, it is impossible to use. Sometimes, this happens when the battery power is low or when the Android tablet has been physically damaged. If this is the case, then charge your tablet, and try again. The tablet may be damaged if you still can't get your tablet to respond to your touch. In this case, bring your tablet to Access One For All for repair.

The screen is too dim

Android tablets have a teensy light sensor used to adjust the touchscreen's brightness according to the amount of ambient light at your location. If the tablet screen is too dim, it may be due to the sensor being covered, so ensure that it is not. Also, avoid buying a case or screen protector that blocks the sensor. You can also check the settings on your device so that it doesn't dim.

Tablet won't charge

If your Android tablet isn't charging, it may be that the cable may be damaged or the wall socket is not providing power. Try a different wall socket. If that doesn't work, try using another cable, and if neither of those options works, the charging port of your device may be damaged. In this case, you need to visit Access One For All tablet repair center in college park to get the tablet fixed.

The tablet gets too hot

An overheating device can be a nasty problem with all the reports of phones exploding and catching on fire. It's very common for some tablets to become warn when you are running a lot of apps that take up battery life. When your device starts getting warm, take a break from using it. But if your tablet is overheating and you're not running too many apps on it, this could be a sign of something not going smoothly with the hardware of your tablet. You may need to take it into a professional and have someone check it out.

How Can I Fix My Tablet?

We hope some of these solutions answered your question. However, if none of the solutions worked, you can always take your Android tablet to a professional who will be able to check what is wrong with your tablet and get it working again.

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