Samsung Repair in College Park

Every tech fanatic remembers when Samsung released a Note 7 debacle. The brand rushed the phone to the market and failed to perform intensive testing of the battery. The worst part was that they were awkwardly slow to take the blame for the issue. Customers had to persevere severe malfunctions of the phone until they finally decided to make quick replacements.

Technology of batteries

The technology of manufacturing devices without replaceable batteries seems promising because the devices turn out to be slimmer than that of competitors. The only problem with such cases is that the gadgets could be as problematic as Samsung Note 7 or short-lived due to reduced performance.

Internal batteries are not as easy to replace as the removable versions. There is a likelihood that you will damage a part of the interior if you do not have the skillset to replace the battery.

A good percentage of the Note 7 buyers faced the dilemma of taking the phone to a Samsung repair in College Park or returning it for replacement. The same question exists among all smartphone users who do not want to create a catastrophe from overusing or mishandling an old internal battery.

Repair of Samsung’s power issues

Technicians at repair shops are a witness that people would instead carry two power banks than fail to use their phones at any time of the day. Repair shops like AccessOne For All can revitalize your device to continue taking and retaining power for a long time without fail. The cost of replacing the phone due to a power intake or battery issue is double or triple times the price of a repair.

How to know if the phone has a power issue


Determine the installation date of the battery and calculate the viable life of the battery. A phone’s battery will typically last one or two years after its installation date. Battery cells older than two to three years will develop problems with absorbing and retaining power.

Test charging

Shut down the device and plug it into a power supply. Let the phone charge for the recommended time of between four to six hours. Turn on the phone to confirm if it has a full battery. Any level of less than 100 percent is a sign of a faulty charging system or battery.

Bad display

The display screen uses a more significant portion of the battery life. A bad battery will prevent full turn by displaying a black screen. The other problem will most likely be the charger. Samsung repair in College Park will analyze the specific issue and give a definitive answer.

Constant charging

A corrupt charging system or battery will cut off the power supply in the phone as soon as you remove the charging cable. Another case is that the phone could charge up to a couple of percentages and then begin charging in reverse. Both cases signal problems with the battery and system. AccessOne For All will replace a dead battery and rectify the system for efficient charging.

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